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You do not have to recall a bite or have had the EM rash to have Lyme Disease. Less than 50% of people recall this.

The tick that carries Lyme can be as small as the period at the end of this sentence and their nymphs are nearly microscopic. Ticks are active above 35 degrees, so Lyme is a year yound problem in most areas.

You do not have to experience all symptoms to have Lyme Disease. It is common for many symptoms to come and go or occur only once and never occur again.

It is possible to have Lyme Disease and have a negative test result. After the bacteria enter your systme, it tricks your immune system into no longer producing antibodies to fight it, hence, the negative result on tests. There are numerous factors affecting test results.

Lyme bacteria hide in spinal fluid, bone, tendons, muscles, nerve fibers, and tissues - in many cases are not floating around in the bloodstream where they can be picked up on a test. It is very similar to the syphilis bacteria and very hard to eradicate.

It take a Lyme Specialist to test, diagnose, and properly treat Lyme Disease and any of its associated co-infections. Lyme Specialists do not require a referral from an insurance company, and unfortunately sometimes are not covered by your insurance company. There may not be one newrby you, you may have to travel some distance to see a good one, but with Lyme Disease, it is crucial to get the proper treatment as soon as possible to get well!

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