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Lyme disease is a clinical diagnosis, based on signs/symptoms, with consideration given to other

factors such as: exposure to endemic areas, history of a tick bite, response to treatment, and test

results. There is no test that can first definitely prove that a patient is infected with the LD

bacterium and then prove that a patient has become bacterium-free. There is no test that can

definitively Rule Out Lyme Disease! Lyme disease usually starts with flu-like symptoms. About

60% of light-skinned patients notice an enlarging rash days to weeks after a tick bite. Early

symptoms may go unnoticed or quickly disappear, and serious multi-systemic problems may later

occur. Because LD can imitate other diseases, it is sometimes misdiagnosed. Sometimes, skin

discoloration around the bite site occurs during the bite or soon after tick removal. If it

disappears within a day, it is most likely the skin's reaction to the wound and not a sign of LD

infection. Only a Physician who is very familiar with Lyme Disease can make a proper diagnosis!

Lyme Disease has very similar symptoms as many other disorders, so sometimes diagnosis can be

very difficult! Below are articles on many different Diseases confused with lyme Disease!