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Game Room

Simon made by Neave Games

SIMON - Use the mouse to select the lights, or the following keys: Red light – R, Green light – G, Blue light – B, Yellow light – Y, Quit game – Q, Mute sound – M

Hexxagon made by Neave Games

HEXXAGON - You play as the red diamonds and your opponent (either another player or the computer) plays as the blue globules.


Your goal is to take over all the spaces on the board, and you do this by leaping into the spaces next to your opponent's pieces. 

When you select one of your pieces, highlights of possible moves will be shown.  The green highlights show where your piece will duplicate,

the yellow highlights show where you will only jump.  It's a good idea to duplicate as much as you can early on, and to

 spread around the board so you're not cornered.Use the mouse to move your pieces around the board. Quit game – Q, Mute sound – M

Snake made by Neave Games

SNAKE Guide the snake to eat the food. Be careful…the more you eat the longer you grow! Use the arrow keys to move, Pause game – space key or P, Mute sound – M

Tic-Tac-Toe made by Neave Games

TIC TAC TOE -  Choose from 1 or 2 players, Use the mouse to select a square to place your O or X, Quit game – Q, Mute sound – M

DONKEY KONG -This classic game first appeared at the arcades in 1981, and was the first to introduce such characters as Mario, Donkey Kong and Peach.

Donkey Kong was the product of a Nintendo artist named Shigeru Miyamoto. Miyamoto did the entire game himself (even the music), the only help he got was with the name.

He and a manager decided they'd call it "Donkey Kong" because "kong" would imply a gorilla was involved, and "donkey" was used because their Japanese-to-English dictionary said it meant "stubborn, wily, and goofy."

The story : Donkey Kong has stolen Mario's girlfriend and taken her to the top of a steel structure. You move Mario over girders and up ladders, leap over tumbling barrels, dodge

lethal fireballs and jump onto fast-moving elevators, trying to rescue Mario's girlfriend from Donkey Kong Special Instructions : Space Bar to jump; Use your left/right arrow keys to move from left to right, etc.

To climb ladders use your Up arrow.

CENTIPEDE - You’re trapped in the perilous Enchanted Forest. Dark, dangerous mushrooms push up through the forest floor, snaring you on every side. Threatening thumps and evil buzzings fill the air. Something slippery flashes through the mushrooms, moving in on you. Suddenly, glaring eyes and quivering antennae jump right out at you! It’s the Centipede — and it’s attacking! Use your mouse to move and Left Click to fire.

Q Bert - Relive the 80s with this retro arcade hit! Q*bert. Move Noser around his world and score points by hopping around the pyramid and changing the cube colors...but keep an eye out for Q*bert's springy nemesis, Coily, and his dastardly friends. A timeless classic, Q*bert is sure to be fun for the whole family!