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About Us

Lyme Disease Awareness is a site intended to compile information on Lyme Disease into 1 place, so patients that are sick and searching for answers can find it easily. The site administrator is a Lyme patient & fully understands how hard it can be to search for lengthy periods for needed information and become exhausted and still not have found what you started out looking for! If you have information you feel would be beneficial to a patient with Lyme disease or suspects that they could have Lyme disease or would be beneficial to a doctor treating Lyme, please email us your information @ Info@LymeDiseaseAwareness.org and we will review it and if found to be accurate, it will be added to the site. If you have an upcoming event you would like posted on our site, please send us this information also. 

Our site is completely free - we do not charge anything for the information we provide. We do link to other sites that we find helpful, some that do charge, and products that are for sale. This information has been compiled over the last 10 + years by a Lyme Disease Sufferer, who is also a Nurse, while searching for the proper diagnosis of Lyme Disease. Please browse the entire site - there is alot of information & feel free to contact us anytime via email with any questions.